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You may obtain a Scholarship application in Microsoft Word format here:

You may obtain a Scholarship application in Adobe Acrobat format here:

General Information:

The Thornton Sisters Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation organized for the purpose of annually providing one-year educational scholarship(s) to deserving young females of color. The Foundation will be sending this information to public high schools within the State of New Jersey. Consequently, any female who satisfies the student requirements should be allowed to apply. (See requirements below).

The scholarship(s) shall be used to contribute to the students' college tuition and/or books depending upon the amount of funds available to the foundation for that fiscal year. All completed applications with their supporting documents must be postmarked no later than May 7 of each calendar year. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

The enclosed original application may be duplicated by the school's guidance counselor. Any student who has or will receive a full scholarship at any time should not apply. All awards will be presented at the Foundation's Annual Banquet, and the finalists will be notified prior to the formal Awards ceremony.

Scholarship Recipients
Recipients, Alumnae& Board

Student Requirements

  1. A New Jersey high school senior.
  2. A female of color [African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latino-American, Caribbean-American, Native American, Asian-American, etc.].
  3. A high school grade point average (GPA) of C+ or better.
    1. An official school transcript is required.
  4. Submit three (3) letters of recommendation:
    1. Must be from a teacher or faculty member.
    2. Must include to what capacity person has known applicant and for how long.
    3. Each letter must be signed and then sealed with author's signature across the sealed portion of the envelope.
  5. Submit most recent copy of parents' income tax statement or any equivalent documentation of parents' income. Note: individual W-2 Forms will NOT be accepted.
  6. Must complete the personal statement section of the application form:
    1. A 500-word essay describing family background, personal and financial hardships, honors or academic distinctions and community involvement/activities.
    2. A photograph of applicant must be attached. (Passport PHOTO Size Only).
  7. Entering a four-year accredited college or university:
    1. Official verification of college acceptance is required, and all scholarship monies will be payable directly to the college.
    2. Any finalist* who does not complete her first year of college shall reimburse the foundation for all scholarship monies received and all legal costs incurred with that reimbursement.

    * When the student becomes one of the finalists, a personal interview with the board of trustees shall be required.

    And, the dreams live on...